+ - Volume 4 ‎(2017)
+ - Volume 3 ‎(2016)
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+ - Volume 1 ‎(2014)

Journal Staff
Interior Administrator
            Dr. Razieh Fakour
            Email: fakour_geological@yahoo.com
Executive Team
             Dr. Farid Taati
           Head of Paleontology & Geochemistry Department
             NIOC Exploration Directorate
             Dr. Mohammad Reza Kamali
             Associate Professor
             Deputy, Intl. Business Development,
             Faculty of Research and Development
             in Upstream Petroleum Industry-RIPI
             Email: kamalimr@ripi.ir
             Dr. Hamid Reza Peyrovan
             Ass. Professor, Soil conservation & Watershed Management
             Research Institute of Tehran, Iran.
             Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi
             Ass. Professor, Department of geology, Faculty of Sciences,
          University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran              
             Email: ebrahimi@znu.ac.ir
Language editing
           Dr. Shahin Zaman
           PhD of Geosciences (Paleontology). 2012,
           Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France.
           Email: shaahinzaman@yahoo.com
               A. Mehdizadeh      
               MS in Organic Chemistry
               Georgia Institute of Technology
               Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1991
               Email: sdmehdizadeh@gmail.com
           Mehdi Ahmadi Borji
           ph.D candidate in Solid State Physics
           Email: Mehdi.p83@gmail.com
Graphic Design
            Naeemeh Kalij
Dr. Razieh Fakour
Prof. Mohammad Hossein Adabi