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Journal of River Engineering

Call for Papers -The 18th International Water Technology Conference

The 18th International Water Technology Conference, 12-14 March 2015. Sharme ElSheikh, Egypt, is the eighteenth of a series events initiated by The International Water Technology Association, IWTA., The conference offers an opportunity to present and discuss the most recent technological innovations and scientific developments associated with the water technology, water environment and ecology, water resources management, and water infrastructure. The conference brings together scientists, and other water professionals, end users, managers, decision makers and stakeholders from universities, research institutes, governmental agencies, industrials and other interest groups. The conference participants will discuss and develop a general framework for minimizing and preventing the deterioration in water quality, water quality protection, remediation, restoration, innovative treatment technologies, energy consumption, and optimizing water resources planning and management facing scarcity.

Conference Topics:

Water Resources Planning and Management:
Water resources integrated management
Water resources sustainable development
Water resources and Environmental Management in Mega deltas
GIS and remote sensing applications
Impacts of global and regional climate change
Instrumentation and measurement
Watershed assessment and monitoring
Water quality and protection
Trans-boundary Water Conflict and cooperation Issues
Artificial recharge and active management of aquifers
Groundwater contamination and protection
Integrated coastal aquifer management
Groundwater Flow:
Artificial recharge and active management of aquifers
Groundwater flow and contamination
Water quality assessment and protection
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures:
Water distribution systems analysis
Water Demand/ Forecasting Water management, control and regulation
Erosion, scour and sediment transport
Maintenance and rehabilitation of hydraulic structures
Information Technology (IT) applications in Water Infrastructure
Hydraulic monitoring, modeling and simulation
Water Treatment Technology:
Wastewater reuse
Industrial water treatment
Sanitary drainage treatment
Computer applications in water treatment
Purification plants and networks
Environmental impact assessment
Energy use and efficiency
Agricultural issues:
Irrigation and drainage technologies
Agricultural water pollution
Crop water consumption
Virtual water use
Energy consumption

Call For Papers:

Papers are invited for conference presentation on the topics outlined above. Prospective presenters are requested to submit a summary of their papers to be considered for inclusion in the conference proceedings. . Submitted papers will be reviewed by IWTA’s international scientific advisory committee for technical content and relevance to conference theme. Authors of accepted papers are required to register and present their papers at the conference.
Authors of papers accepted for conference presentation will be encouraged to submit full papers for:
The peer reviewed International Water Technology Journal (IWTJ) which is published by the International Water Technology Association (IWTC) . .
The full paper proceedings, which will be published by CNKI (China National Scientific Data Base)

Paper Submission:

English is the official conference language.
Paper Length and Format:
Maximum length is 5 pages (single space, font 12) including figures, tables and reference citations
The summary paper should include: title of the paper, author(s name(s) and affiliation(s), email address for the corresponding author, 3-5 keywords, and body of the paper.
Paper should be online via website: Reg.iwtc.info


Summary Paper Submission 30 August 2014
Notification of acceptance for inclusion in conference program 30 September 2014
Early Bird registration ends 30 October 2014
Submission of revised summary paper 30 October 2014
Notification of acceptance of summary papers for inclusion in conference Summary papers proceedings 30 November 2014
Full Paper Submission:(in case the authors would like to publish the full paper in the full papers proceedings or the Journal, the full paper proceedings will be published by the National Chinese Scientific data base CNKI) 30 December 2014


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