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    Top Downloaded Articles
    1.  Geochemistry and petrogenesis of leucogranites in the Sursat Metamorphic Core (SMC), NW Iran
    Article Authors: Monir Modjarrad Geochemistry Journal
    Article Authors: seyed hooman hoseini-hossein afshar Journal of River Engineering
    3.  Flood Zoning Simulation by HEC-RAS Model (Case Study: Johor River-Kota Tinggi Region)
    Article Authors: Ahmad Shahiri Parsa-Mohammad Heydari-Mohammad Sadegh Sadeghian-Mahdi Moharrampour Journal of River Engineering
    4.  Morphology Changes of Ganga River over Time at Varanasi
    Article Authors: sabita madhvi singh Journal of River Engineering
    5.  Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Composite Shells under Axial Load
    Article Authors: Milad Abdi-Zahra Zamirian-Masoud Mohammadi Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics
    6.  Floodplain Modeling Using HEC-RAS and MIKE11 Models
    Article Authors: Reza Montazami Vazifedoost-Maryam Nayyeri-Gholam-Abbas Barani Journal of River Engineering
    7.  Comparison of Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) in daily flow forecasting
    Article Authors: Mahdi Moharrampour-Abdulhamid mehrabi-hooman Hajikandi-Saeed Sohrabi-Javad Vakili Journal of River Engineering
    8.  Dam Break Modeling for Large Earth and Rock-fill Dams
    Article Authors: Saqib Ehsan-Walter Marx Journal of River Engineering
    9.  3D Simulation of Flow over a Triangular Broad-Crested Weir
    Article Authors: seyed hooman hoseini Journal of River Engineering
    10.  Control of Local Scour around Bridge Pier Groups Using Geotextile Armored Soil
    Article Authors: Ali Nouri Imamzadehei-Manouchehr Heidarpour-Mohammadreza Nouri Imamzadehei-Atefeh Fazlollahi Journal of River Engineering