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Numerical Simulation of the Angle of Groyne Installation on the Separation Zone Length Behind it
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 2, Issue: 5)
Author: Hamid Shamloo , Bahareh Pirzadeh
Keywords : angle of installation , separation , Parallel processing , Fluent , Groyne

Groynes are usually installed along the river side and those are used for a lot of application such as bank protection. These structures would be changed the flow pattern and prevent bank erosion. So understanding turbulent flow pattern around groynes for designing groyne installation criteria is very important. In this paper subcritical flow pattern around an indirect groyne in six different angle of installation was established and 3D simulations in Fluent software have been applied to investigate the effect of angle of groyne installation on separation zone length behind it. In all cases the groyne length and inlet flow depth were constant and the bed slope of the channel was zero. Good agreements were found between numerical and experimental results. Results showed that the separation length is about 12 times the impermeable gryone with 0.3m length. Also, the incidence angle was about 5 degree that was in a very good consistence with the referred experimental data.

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Mahdi Moharrampour
Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia