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Numerical Investigation of wing to web length ratios parameter of T-shaped spur dike in a 90 degree bend on scour pattern
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 2, Issue: 3)
Author: mohammad vaghefi , Vali Allah Mohseni mehr , Maryam Akbari
Keywords : Scouring , Wing Length , 90 Degree Bend , T Shape Spur Dike , SSIIM

There are a lot of methods and techniques to protect of the outer wall of river bends against erosion that spur dike is an important element for protection of river banks. Spur dike causes variations in flow field, sediment transport and bed topography. The mechanism of flow and sediment transport in a channel bend is very complex, especially when a spur dike is constructed in a bend. This paper examines the effect of geometric parameter of wing to web length ratios of T-shaped spur dike in a 90 degree bend on scour around them using SSIIM software. The results show that the main scour hole to about two-thirds, or 67 percent of channel width has developed towards the outer wall. Analysis of scour pattern result, Cavity geometry changes, Bed topography and comparison of scour in transverse and longitudinal sections about spur dikes with different ratios of wing to web length have been studied.

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Mahdi Moharrampour
Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia