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Experimental Study on Lozenge Collar Affection in Reduce Amount of Scouring Around Bridge Piers
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 2, Issue: 3)
Author: Amirreza Mohammadnezhad Ardeshiri , Mojtaba Saneie
Keywords : lozenge Collars , Scour Mechanism , pier scouring , Bridge pier , Square Collars , Laboratory model , Circle Collar

Scour happening around bridges Pier is one of the major reasons to bridge destruction. At present time, there are various methods to prevent scour of bridges bases. One method is to set protector boards (collars) around bridge pier. Collars protect bed against vortex system surrounded of bases and it reduces amount of water scouring. Lozenge collars with slight thickness have been used to reduce scour around bridge bases in present research. Used collars in tests, have been considered for twofold of base diameter proportionately to base diameter. Various discharge have been considered for this test and median size of bed grain are considered as equal to 1.8 millimeter and uniformly(d50=1.8 mm). Collars performance around bridge was compared with position which piers have without collar. Results showed that lozenge collars have significant effect on reduction amount of scour of the bridge pier. Also results prove that lozenge collars are more effective than Square and circle collars. Amount of scour in lozenge collars is calculated around 76% in comparison with position which bases have no collar and volume of scour hole has been decreased 87%.

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Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia