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Quality Assessment the Plains in Mehr Gerd City of Semirom and the Impact of Geological Units
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 4, Issue: 1)
Author: Saeed Taki , Shahram Nakhaei
Keywords : Physicochemical , Langeal Indicators , geological , Qualitative

The study area is located about 150 km south of Isfahan and in the geographical range of '36, 31 'to 52' and 31 'north and the geographic length '15, 51' to 47 'and 51' east. This area covers the entire extent of 1274.7km2 parts of the Great Caroon Basin. The aim of this study is to update and update the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the springs of the region with the aim of determining the quality status of water in terms of physicochemical properties for drinking. In this paper, the parameters of pH, TDS, EH, BOD, EC, cations and major anions in water of 5 fountains and river from fountains are studied and qualitatively with the sample of water purified water network of the region which is the fountains are fed by comparison. Data were evaluated using AqQA software and Piper, Stiff, Ion Balance, Durov and Schoeller charts were drawn for springs analysis and the results of physicochemical parameters of the fountains were compared to the standards WHO, 2011, Standard 1053 of Iran, Schuler and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEE). Also, other similar studies in the mentioned area including Dorahean, Choghour Cheshmeh, were calculated and compared using Langeleigh Index and Metal Index. In order to better evaluate the data, a mapping of the data was made.

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Mahdi Moharrampour
Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia