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Investigating the Relationship between Capital Value and Return in Companies Accepted to Tehran Stock Exchange
Journal: Iranian Journal of Business and Economics
Issue: Iranian Journal of Business and Economics (Volume: 5, Issue: 4)
Author: Maryam Ranjbari , Keramatollah Heydari Rostami , Mohammad Gholami Baladezaei
Keywords : Capital Value , Performance , Rate of Return , Return on Capital

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the average rate of return on an annual business plan. In the engineering economics, the rate of internal return is one of the standard methods for evaluating economic plans. The use of internal extensions is not considered in the calculation of the effect of environmental factors. The method seeks to reduce the flow of liquidity at an unrecoverable return rate to the current rate. So that its current net worth is zero. This research examines the relationship between capital value and return on companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. The statistical population of the companies listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange is 1394-1394. Excel and Eviews software have been used to compute and prepare the data for the required research information as well as their analysis. The significance level of the rate of return on the companies listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange is 0.0021. Since this number is less than 0.05, it can be concluded that there is a relationship between the value of capital and the rate of return in the companies admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange.

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Dr Peyman Sadeghi
Dr. Shaheen Mansori