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Executive Plans for Managing Water Crisis in Tehran
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 4, Issue: 1)
Author: Mohammad Javad Khosravi , Safa Sabouri Deylami , Azadeh Sadeghian , Ahmad ShahiriParsa
Keywords : water system improvement , agricultural productivity , Population control , saving , drought preparedness.

Water is an essential element that is involved in all aspects of the lives of its inhabitants. The problem of water crisis is one of the problems that human society now faces. This issue has increased in the Middle East and Iran and is considered a very serious issue. Increasing the population of the Earth's crust and consequently increasing direct and indirect water consumption, limiting and not increasing fresh water resources, droughts, pollution of surface and underground resources, global warming, increasing water demand and consumption, increasing tensions International and even anticipation of a war on common water resources, the need to address the issue of water crisis, and how to confront and manage it. In the meantime, consideration of the water crisis and the presentation of water crisis management strategies for Tehran (as the capital and the largest metropolis of Iran) will be of primary importance and the results can be used in other major cities of the country. Therefore, in this research, we tried to investigate the issue of water crisis management in Tehran metropolis.

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