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Studying the Design of the Primary School with the Approach of Environmental Factors
Journal: ICP Engineering and technology
Issue: ICP Engineering and technology (Volume: 2, Issue: 2)
Author: Baharnaz Jalalvandi , Shadpour Fouladi Raad , Azadeh Sadeghian
Keywords : Student , Education , Effective environmental factors , Primary school , Behavior

The purpose of this research is to study the design of the primary school with the perception of environmental factors affecting student's education and behavior. Since architecture derives from phonemes that make building, we have tried to use this art (architecture) and its connection with human nature and the architectural impact of increasing learning and quality of instruction. Undoubtedly, the presentation of an architecture-based idea could have a positive impact on learning. Every effort was made to make real sense of the school as a place for children to grow, learn and teach them realistically using architectural elements. Each child, in terms of family lifestyle and interests, has a set of behaviors that directly influence his learning, so it is not possible to taught in a unique way. In this research, it has been tried to use environmental factors, such as: Integration of outdoor classrooms, Learn in spaces outside the classroom, creating architectural spaces to enhance environmental experiences, Increase focus and learn more considered. Therefore, the result of this study can be a learning space suite that responds to all the needs of the child.

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