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Trace Element Geochemistry of the the pyroclastics in Afikpo basin southern Benue Trough.
Journal: Geochemistry Journal
Issue: Geochemistry Journal (Volume: 4, Issue: 2)
Keywords : Afikpo Basin , Petrogenesis , Ocea floor volcanism , Pyroclastics

The Pyroclastics in the Afikpo basin were study in order to determine their petrogenesis, The trace element geochemistry of the pyroclastics in Abakaliki- mine 1 igneous suite show high concentrations of high field strength elements (HFSE, Nb, Ta, Th), low concentrations of large ion lithophile elementa(LILE, Rb, Ba, Sr) and low concentrations of the transitional elements (Ni,Cr). The pyroclastics in Abakaliki – Ogoja road has high concentrations of HFSE, inconsistent concentration of LILE and moderate enrichment of transitional elements. Akpoha pyroclastics show high contents of HFSE, LILE and low concentrations of transitional elements. Zircon(Zr) and Strontium(Sr) are high in all the rocks of the study area while Chromium(Cr), Nickel(Ni), Zinc(Zn) and Vanadium(V) are high in Abakaliki mine 1 pyroclastics , low in Akpoha pyroclastics and moderate in the pyroclastics of Abakalikik-Ogoja road. The rocks plot on the ocean floor setting and within plate setting, which signify that the rocks are product of ocean floor volcanism and the volcanism finally terminated on the continental setting.

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Dr. Razieh Fakour
Prof. Mohammad Hossein Adabi