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A Proposed Method for the Quantification of Fluoride Contamination: Fluoride Pollution Index (FPI)
Journal: Geochemistry Journal
Issue: Geochemistry Journal (Volume: 4, Issue: 2)
Author: Sajil Kumar P.J
Keywords : Fluoride Pollution Index (FPI) , Thirupathur , Fluoride , Groundwater

This study proposes a new index, Fluoride Pollution Index (FPI) for the identification and quantification of fluoride contamination as a function of its closely influencing factors (pH, Na/Ca ratio and HCO3). The selection of these variables was in agreement with results obtained from their correlation analysis. The suggested method is explained on a case analysis from Thirupathur region in Tamil Nadu. Based on the relative concentration, weights were assigned to each parameter. FPI is calculated and classified as low (1-2), medium (2-3) and high (3-4) polluted. In the Thirupathur region, HPI values were ranged between 2.5 -3.75, shows that all the samples were medium (50%) to highly (50%) polluted with fluoride. Spatial distribution of FPI was showing a high value in the southern and northern ends of the study area. This method is taking in to account the relatively higher concentration of the influencing parameters that may be catalyzing the dissolution of the fluoride mineral in future. This method can be applied other parts of the world having similar hydrogeochemical conditions.

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Dr. Razieh Fakour
Prof. Mohammad Hossein Adabi