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Experimental and Simulation of the Effect of Shot Peening on the Residual Stress to Surface and Sub-surface or Aluminum Alloy 2024 -T3 Used in Aerial Pieces
Journal: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics
Issue: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics (Volume: 4, Issue: 1)
Author: Jamshid Garmhei , Farideh Tabatabaei , Maedeh Zoei
Keywords : residual stress , Sub-surface , Shot peening , simulation

Shot peening a work piece surface bombardment by thousands of shot that leads to the creation of compressive residual stress in the work piece surface and the amount of stress under the influence of the parameters of the process such as the diameter of the shot, throw the shot velocity, nozzle distance and nozzle angle relative to the work piece, is today, because of the extent of surface operations can be simulated effect of these parameters on the amount of residual stress on the surface and sub-surface of the simulation, the aim of this paper is experimental and simulation of residual stress generated on the surface and sub-surface of the alloy 2024-T3 (Because of good strength to weight ratio in the shell body aircraft structures under tensile stresses frequently are used to improve the fatigue resistance of the alloy from the shot peening used) as well as the effect of different parameters of the process on the residual stress in order to reduce the simulation time and money to help The results of this study showed that the parameters of the shot velocity and low angle greater impact compared with other parameters on the stress.

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Dr. Deepak Pathak