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Vibration Analysis Tire Treadband
Journal: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics
Issue: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics (Volume: 4, Issue: 1)
Author: Salman Ebrahimi-Nejad , Amir Karimyan
Keywords : MATLAB , ANSYS , Tire treadband , Cylindrical shell model

In this paper, the vibration of the tire treadband is discussed. For this purpose we consider the equations of motion of a cylindrical shell and then its natural frequencies are obtained numerically with the aid of MATLAB software. Then, the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the cylindrical shell shape are also obtained through Finite Element (FE) method using ANSYS. Results indicate acceptable values at low frequencies for the cylindrical shell. Moreover, the effect of variations of parameters such as pressure, temperature and the thickness of the cylindrical shell on natural frequencies are investigated.

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Dr. Deepak Pathak