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Static Analysis of Sandwich Beams with FGM Core Resting on Elastic Foundation
Journal: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics
Issue: Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics (Volume: 4, Issue: 1)
Author: Davoud Sirati , Milad Hayati , Masood Askari
Keywords : Winkler , Beam , Static , Functionally Graded

In this paper, Static analysis of sandwich beams with functionally graded materials (FGM) core resting on Winkler foundation are investigated using second order shear deformation beam theory (SBT). Material properties of the FGM layer change in the thickness direction according to power-law distributions. The governing equations and the related boundary conditions are derived using the principal of the minimum total potential energy. The Navier-type solution is used for simply-supported boundary conditions, and exact formulas are proposed for static analysis. The method is validated by comparing numerical results with the results obtained in the literature. Good agreement is observed. Numerical results are presented to investigate the influences the different material distributions and foundation stiffness on the static behavior of sandwich beams with FGM core.

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Dr. Deepak Pathak