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Assessment and Quality Classification of Water in Karun, Dez and Karkheh Rivers
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 2, Issue: 8)
Author: Majid Ehteshami , Nader Biglarijoo , Marjan Salari Salari
Keywords : Environment , Khuzestan Province. , Water Quality Index , Pollutant Control

Rivers are assumed as one of the most important sources of water supply for agricultural, drinking and industrial uses. With this regard, quality evaluation of these sources is one of the main duties in the field of environmental management due to recent droughts occurred in central and southern areas of Iran. In this study, seasonal sampling was done for nine hydrometric stations in Karun, Dez and Karkheh rivers within a one-year period. Parameters such as temperature, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, BOD and COD were measured. Processed data was analyzed by Piper’s diagram, Schuller's diagram and national quality index (NSFWQI). Results indicated that water for all three rivers was of Sodium Chloride type in high water and low water seasons based on Piper diagram. Additionally analyses of the results according to NSFWQI index indicated that all three rivers possess quality index lower than 50 in spring and summer which represent a poor quality while in fall and winter, it is over 50 which represent a medium quality. In brief, by considering physical, chemical and microbial factors and also by controlling national quality index of water and related diagrams in objective statins, we can readily observe the impact of pollutants entrance in different sections of the river.

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Mahdi Moharrampour
Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia